HSAs offer tax savings and investment options.
That means that over time, your savings can really add up.


Your Annual HSA Contribution

Your Employer's Annual HSA Contribution

Interest and Investment
Rate of Return


Amount Withdrawn
from HSA Each Year

Maximum annual HSA contributions may not exceed $8,200 according to IRS regulations. Consult www.irs.gov for additional tax related information and restrictions.
Rate of Return must fall within the range of 0 - 15%
Please enter an age under 65.

Value of Your HSA Over Time

This calculator was created by Optum Financial to be illustrative of typical results of hypothetical participants in similar type benefits programs, and does not take into account specific situations such as filing status or variances in state tax law. Accuracy of the information is not guaranteed. This calculator is intended merely as a an illustrative guide and is not intended to serve or offer tax or investment advice. Please consult with a tax, financial or legal consultant to discuss your specific situation.

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