HSA and FSA Plan Savings Calculators


For individuals and families, health savings accounts (HSAs) and flexible spending accounts (FSAs) offer the means to pay for eligible expenses, reduce their taxable income, prepare for future care needs, and take more control over how their health care money is allocated.

HSAs and FSAs can also help employers move more employees to cost-effective insurance plans while still providing health care benefits that match families’ needs.

But transitioning to a new benefits plan can also sometimes seem overwhelming or intimidating if you don’t have the full picture. With that in mind, we built these HSA and FSA plan calculators so you can easily visualize your full savings potential.

Health Care Account Calculators for Employees

Savings Calculator for Employers and Brokers

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Find out where you can quickly make eligible purchases with HSAs, FSAs, and other accounts

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Check out the eligible expenses list to see just how useful health care accounts can be

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HSA Academy

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Learn about health savings accounts and put your knowledge to the test with HSA Academy

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Our blog, Connections, is the perfect place to find helpful posts on CDH and work-life benefits

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There’s a lot to know about HSAs, FSAs, HRAs, and more, which is why we’ve put together these FAQs

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