Video: Baptist Health on Working with ConnectYourCare

Baptist Health is the state of Arkansas’ largest health care provider. This non-profit health system includes 11 hospitals, a senior living community, urgent care centers, and over 100 clinics across Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma. This health system employs approximately 11,000 employees, and around 9,600 of those employees are eligible for benefits.

When Baptist Health decided they wanted to offer a high deductible health plan (HDHP) for the 2019 plan year, they were looking for an administrative partner that could provide a health savings account (HSA) solution. They were also needing a new solution for their direct billing and COBRA administration, as well as the administration of their flexible spending accounts (FSA)—both health care FSAs and dependent care FSAs.  Baptist Health’s benefits manager, Terri Morris, was tasked with finding the right solution, or solutions, that could fit their needs.

ConnectYourCare immediately stood out to Terri. She felt that from the very beginning the team truly listened to what Baptist Health’s needs were and offered solutions that made the most sense for the organization.

Baptist Health has now been with ConnectYourCare since January 2019. Implementation was completed efficiently, even with Baptist being new to the HSA process. For Terri, working with ConnectYourCare has given her more control of her plan and access to insightful data and reporting capabilities that she didn’t have before.

And for Baptist Health employees, ConnectYourCare’s auto-substantiation process has been particularly helpful. This process reduces the need for employees to submit extra paperwork when they use their HSA/FSA claims by having copays (when applicable) for office visits, hospital visits, and prescriptions all programmed into the ConnectYourCare system. When employees swipe their card at a provider, the system recognizes the transaction, and employees don’t have to submit documentation.

In this video, Terri shares why switching to ConnectYourCare has been beneficial for the business and her employees.

“I think really relationships are the key thing with ConnectYourCare. It’s a big company that can handle our needs, but it still has that personal feeling.”  

–Terri Morris, Benefits Manager at Baptist Health

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