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HSAs For Dummies®

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HSAs For Dummies Cover ThumbnailThe HSAs For Dummies® book offers simple guidance and useful tips on contributing, investing, saving, and paying for medical expenses using your health savings account (HSA) — the best tax-free savings account available today.

In this book, we help you understand who can open an HSA, tell you how and where to open one, and explain who can contribute and how much.

Topics Covered:

  • Tax benefits of owning an HSA and the numerous additional benefits having an HSA helps you realize

  • What you can spend HSA funds on and when as well as ineligible items to avoid

  • If you do make non-qualified ill-judged expenditures, this book also explains how to address it

  • Tips to help you manage your HSA funds

  • Investing your money and advantages to saving HSA funds to spend later

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