One Benefit Managers Experience with ConnectYourCare’s All-in-One Platform [Testimonial]

One Benefit Managers Experience with ConnectYourCare’s All-in-One Platform [Testimonial]2019-01-22T11:33:24+00:00

Project Description


I’m Polly Booher, and I’m a Benefits Manager. I worked on the implementation of ConnectYourCare into a hospital system of about 9,000 employees in North Carolina.

We moved to ConnectYourCare about three years ago, and part of the reason for that was we needed a better system for monitoring COBRA, a better system for our FSA program, and a platform for our HRA program, which we were implementing in conjunction with our Wellness program.

I think that most of the communication pieces that we worked on together were very successful communication campaigns. I think that having a platform that would handle our FSA program as well as our HRA program and COBRA all in one really made things a lot simpler for us administratively.

It’s really now about the technology that helps things be more efficient and helps things move faster and smoother, but doesn’t leave behind employees that are technology savvy. We have to be careful about that. We have to appeal to the young Millennials that are coming through, and [technology] is all they deal with, and then us ‘old people’ that have different needs altogether.

We’ve got to have a product that will help us with that.

Polly Booher, Benefits Manager, A Large Hospital System
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