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On-Demand COBRA Webinar: The New Demands of COBRA

  • On Demand | Recorded May 20th, 2020

  • 55 minutes

The global pandemic has created new challenges in the workplace, including an increase of COBRA administration. COBRA, also known as the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, has very specific requirements that allow employees and their families to continue health care even after a loss of coverage.

It’s up to employers and plan administrators to make sure that COBRA is handled correctly. Among other duties, employers are exploring the new legislative updates around notification extensions and model notices, refreshing their knowledge on the COBRA administrative process, and researching COBRA alternatives. Businesses also have to consider the employee experience while staying vigilant on COBRA processes and compliance.

Whether you’re working with COBRA for the first time, advising clients on how to manage COBRA, or ensuring you have the new regulations in hand, you’ll get a head start with this COBRA webinar.

Hear Directly from our COBRA Experts

In our hour-long webinar The New Demands of COBRA, Douglas Tonjes (COBRA Client Success Leader) and Glenn Larson (COBRA Solutions Architect) discuss best practices, common mistakes, how to handle furloughed employees, and COBRA alternatives.

Douglas Tonjes works closely with employers as their point of contact concerning the administration of their COBRA account. Douglas has extensive knowledge of the COBRA systems from both a participant and employer level.  Glenn Larson has over 25 years of experience in benefits, and he is our resident expert in understanding the fine details of administering COBRA.

What You’ll Gain from This COBRA Webinar

During this webinar, designed for HR/benefits administrators and employers, our COBRA experts explain:

  • Seven common COBRA administration mistakes and how to avoid them

  • Recent legislative announcements around COBRA extensions and model notices

  • Alternatives to COBRA and direct bill options

  • Managing furloughed employees, and much more

  • A focused question and answer session you won’t want to miss

Watch the Webinar Now:

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