Sonic Automotive Addresses Employees’ HDHP Concerns with HSA On Demand

Sonic Automotive Addresses Employees’ HDHP Concerns with HSA On Demand2020-09-17T18:51:24-04:00

Project Description


I’m John Rankin. I’m the Director of Total Rewards at Sonic Automotive. We have about 10,000 associates across the country — about 15 states. We have about 100 automotive dealerships across the country, plus EchoPark®. 

We first implemented ConnectYourCare with their HSA On Demand® product because we were really trying to bring along our high deductible plans and move people from our PPO plans onto our high deductible plans.

And the HSA On Demand product that ConnectYourCare offered really has helped us achieve that and move people onto it without the concern that a lot of our associate hads: ‘How do I pay for the care if my kid has an accident?’ or whatever at the beginning of the year. It’s really helped a lot.

I really like being able to hear about the things that are coming up with ConnectYourCare as well as be a part of that future so that we can interject our ideas — especially on the investment side — and hopefully provide some ideas that will help our associates.

John Rankin HeadshotJohn Rankin • Director of Total Rewards, Sonic Automotive
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