Don’t Get Bitten by COBRA Administration [SHRM Webinar]2020-02-20T16:15:43-05:00

Project Description

SHRM Webinar

Don’t Get Bitten by COBRA Administration

Don’t Get Bitten by COBRA Administration
  • Presented by SHRM, Elevate Benefits, and ConnectYourCare

  • Available On Demand

  • 60 Minutes

  • Who Should Attend: Benefits stakeholders, especially HR professionals, brokers, consultants, and health plan leaders

COBRA Administration SolutionsWith frequently changing rules and regulations around compliance, COBRA implementation can become extremely complex for employers. Not understanding the proper procedures, regulatory parameters, and design options can  hurt your organization. That’s why it’s critical for HR professionals to understand COBRA administration and compliance regulations.

In this session, George Lemmon from Elevate Benefits and Gentrie Pool from ConnectYourCare provide explanations of COBRA’s many regulations and how to determine who is eligible for coverage.

  • You’ll learn from historic COBRA case law to help you avoid negative legal ramifications and make better strategic policy decisions.
  • We’ll then share tips to help you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls that could result in fines and penalties.
  • You’ll also learn how you can find COBRA program administrators to help with your compliance efforts.
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