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Saving the Bottom Line with HSAs

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  • On Demand | Recorded April 26, 2018

  • 60 minutes

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) have become the center of our health care conversation. While more and more companies are moving to High Deductible Health Plans, the C-suite is always looking for additional ways to save money while keeping employees happy.

Join Reese Feuerman, CFO of ConnectYourCare, and Jamie Janvier, Senior Marketing Manager, for this new webinar as they discuss innovative ways to leverage health benefits to save your bottom line.

Topics Covered:

  • The top 3 ways to drive HDHP enrollment AND save your bottom line
  • How HSA acceleration programs like HSA On Demand® are changing the game
  • Proven tactics to overcome the enrollment barriers that prevent employees from participating in traditional HSA programs
  • How companies moved entirely to a HDHP and realized a significant decrease in claims costs and employee premiums

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Our Speakers

Reese Feuerman
Reese FeuermanChief Finance Officer, ConnectYourCare
As CFO, Reese oversees all areas of finance for ConnectYourCare, including strategy, financial planning, accounting, tax, and treasury as well as human resources. He brings 25 years’ experience in financial leadership as well as public company experience to ConnectYourCare and serves as Secretary to our Board of Directors.
Jamie Janvier
Jamie JanvierSenior Marketing Manager, ConnectYourCare
Having spent numerous years providing health care research and education, Jamie thrives on driving plan growth and savings opportunities through new program and product messaging as part of his role with ConnectYourCare. He has been cited in publications highlighting the parallels of physical health and financial wealth, and speaks regularly on related topics.

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