CDH Programs That Enable Your Entire Population [Presentation]

CDH Programs That Enable Your Entire Population [Presentation]2018-02-12T14:16:23-05:00

Project Description

Millennials to Boomers: Enabling CDH Programs That Enable Your Entire Population to Thrive

This is a special opportunity to listen to a replay of one of the most well-received sessions from the 17th Annual Employee Healthcare Conference in San Diego.

Moderated by ConnectYourCare, this session brings together a panel of experts to discuss how their companies have implemented consumer-directed health plans that serve their diverse organizations. Hear their tips for successful adoption and implementation.

By watching these presentation clips, you’ll learn:

  • Why understanding your audience — especially generational differences in benefit needs — is key to a successful CDH implementation
  • How our panelists encouraged their populations to invest money in current or future health care needs
  • How to successfully educate diverse populations about benefit plan options.
  • Approaches top companies are taking to modify voluntary benefit offerings and innovative tools to appeal to younger generations.
  • Steps these experts took to increase CDH program enrollment while avoiding increasing noise from their employees.
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