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Making HSAs Affordable to All Employees

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  • On Demand | Recorded September 23, 2016

  • 37 minutes

Most employees are hesitant taking more out of their paycheck to contribute to their benefits—they witness the rising cost of healthcare and want to hold on to every dollar.

What few employees realize, is there are consumer-directed benefit tools available that allow them to invest their health savings account (HSA) earnings pre-tax to off-set the rising cost of care.

In this case study webinar, you’ll learn about the implementation strategy that CVS Health uses to promote consumer-directed health care among employees as well as must-know HSA trends and cutting-edge CDH innovations.

Topics Covered:

  • What’s driving the shift to consumer-directed health care and HSA trends
  • Guiding principles of CVS’ Colleague Health Strategy
  • Stepped approach CVS Health took in resposne to health care consumerism

  • The importance of collecting employee feedback and making strategy adjustments

  • The results: active employee participation in their health care

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Our Speakers

Megan Bourque
Megan BourqueFormerly Director of Health and Welfare Strategy, CVS Health
Nancy Dudman-Cavalier
Nancy Dudman-CavalierVice President of Sales, ConnectYourCare