Introducing BrokerCommand from ConnectYourCare [Video]

Introducing BrokerCommand from ConnectYourCare [Video]2018-02-26T21:23:15-04:00

Project Description

BrokerCommand CDH Benefits Management Platform

As a broker, time is valuable and servicing your Consumer-directed benefits clients in a matter of excellence is critical.

Creating detailed proposals, adding new clients, and chasing down implementations, and managing renewals is not always efficient.

Imagine how easy your life would be if all of these complex processes were simplified to suit your life and better service your clients.

Introducing BrokerCommand from ConnectYourCare.

A no-noise, self-service broker management platform.

With BrokerCommand you can offer your clients the most advanced, innovative consumer directed benefit solutions, including the leading HSA On Demand while, managing the complete lifecycle of your clients’ consumer-directed benefits from one simple platform.

In a click of a button you can view the entire lifecycle of your book of business.

You can easily create and send a proposal for these tax-advantage accounts within minutes.

You can add a new client with a few simple clicks of a button.

You an view the status of your implementations at-a-glance, and quickly take action and follow-up with your clients on outstanding items.

And you can manage your renewals in advance from the CYC renewal monitoring tool.

All of your clients plan documents are easily accessible right in BrokerCommand.

And you can provide your clients with the full communications library, ConnectYourCare 360 Connect, to ensure they have a successful open enrollment season.

So why not simplify your life, while making your clients happy?

Only with BrokerCommand from ConnectYourCare can you Add More: Value so you can have balance to enjoy the simple things in life knowing your clients are being provided excellent service

BrokerCommand, empowering you with unlimited sales potential.