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Project Description

Sponsored by VISA and ConnectYourCare

HSA to Z Webinar 

  • Presented by Visa and ConnectYourCare

  • Available On Demand

  • 60 Minutes

  • Who Should Attend: Benefits stakeholders, especially HR professionals, brokers, consultants, and health plan leaders

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are on the rise, but overall general awareness and comprehension of the benefit—even the bare basics—are not scaling at the same pace. When asked the differences between an HSA and a flexible spending account, the common consumer often has difficulty drawing distinctions.

And despite the steady efforts of benefits administrators, HR representatives, and brokers, there continues to be a subset of consumers who believe that they are impervious to the far-reaching benefits of an HSA. In fact, 44 percent of HSA account holders revealed they know only a little bit, or nothing at all, about their HSA, according to Visa’s most recent consumer study on tax-advantaged benefits. But here’s the good news: 90% of HSA owners noted they want to learn more about these accounts.

In this 60-minute, on-demand webinar, ConnectYourCare, in alliance with our strategic technology partner, VISA, discusses the latest research that will provide deep perspective on the current HSA landscape from many vantage points, as well as resulting best practices for employer plan savings and supporting communications that drive enrollment.

By watching this webinar, HR/benefits administrators and brokers will:

  • Uncover consumer emotions surrounding health savings accounts
  • Hear first-hand perceptions (and misperceptions) from HSA account users and non-users
  • Learn the latest measures in actionable, targeted messages that drive HSA adoption and maximize usage
  • Gain insight into proven “deep cut” techniques delivered by HSA experts, including:
    • Averting common mistakes in rolling out an HSA program
    • Provider considerations and consequences of choosing the wrong partner
    • HSA account architecture around cashflow and investments
    • Transitioning HSA accounts – the right and wrong ways to go about it

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