HSA On Demand Solutions Brief

HSA On Demand Solutions Brief2019-09-16T14:45:42-04:00

Project Description

HSA On Demand® from ConnectYourCare

With HSA On Demand, participants can access their full year’s HSA contribution, including both employee and employer funds, at any time of year to pay for a qualified medical expense.

HSA On Demand benefits employers and employees

  • Mitigates the HDHP Risk. HSA On Demand eliminates the largest barrier to employee adoption of HSAs and corresponding High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) – the fear employees have that they will not be able to cover out-of-pocket medical costs. HSA On Demand removes that risk by providing a safety net for pre-deductible expenses.
  • Enables Full Replacement HSA/HDHP Plans. Employers considering the financial benefits of HSA-only plan designs can be assured that their population, including chronically ill and lower income employees, have the coverage they need.
  • Easy to use! Funds are automatically accelerated when needed for an eligible
    expense at point of sale.
  • Peace of mind. Employers and employees take comfort in knowing their expenses are covered, and their budgets are secure
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