Control Employee Benefit Costs with HSA On Demand [Video]

Control Employee Benefit Costs with HSA On Demand [Video]2018-03-01T11:40:27-05:00

Project Description

HSA On Demand® Overview

Employers, you want the best for your employees…including their benefits. But nowadays, it’s difficult to balance the cost of care against employee needs.

This is where HSA On Demand from ConnectYourCare is revolutionizing the market, because it provides a safety net for employees to cover their out-of-pocket expenses—allowing organizations to move more of their population to high deductible health care plans at a lower cost to them.

Through HSA On Demand, Health Savings Account (HSA) contributions are accelerated anytime an employee needs to cover qualified expenses that exceed their HSA balance—especially at the beginning of the plan year when balances are usually low.

These accelerated amounts then come back to the employer through future payroll contributions. This safety net for unexpected costs encourages adoption and offers peace of mind.

Transform your HSA strategy with a proven, compliant, cost saving solution, trusted by some of the largest and most admired companies in America.

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