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Boost Your HDHP Adoption Rate with HSA On Demand®

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High Deductible Health Plan adoption DOUBLES versus the national average* when employers offer accelerated Health Savings Account funds through HSA On Demand®.

A common roadblock to employers offering full replacement HSAs is the ability to make the plan work for the entire population.

As you’ll learn in this eBook, HSA On Demand breaks down this barrier, allowing all employees to cover their entire HDHP deductible from day one.

HSA On Demand also provides financial benefits to employers while helping to resolve cash flow challenges.

*Rate estimation based on sampling of current CYC customers utilizing HSA On Demand.

Topics Covered:

  • Enrollment obstacles that prevent employees from participating in traditional HSA programs
  • HSA On Demand’s benefits for companies and their employees

  • How HSA On Demand contribution and funding works

  • Realizing bottom line savings through improved cash flow

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