HSA Myth Busters eBook: Individual HSA Edition

HSA Myth Busters eBook: Individual HSA Edition2021-01-29T10:08:53-05:00

Project Description

There are common misconceptions circling around the mysterious health savings account (HSA), but our detective is on the case to uncover the facts! Does it expire? Is it only for people of a certain income bracket? Do you need one only if you’re sick? Is it complicated? No!

Let’s get to digging up the truth with HSA Myth Busters: Get the Facts. If you’re thinking of opening an HSA, this eBook is the resource you’ve been looking for to get all the details on exactly how an HSA works. It’s fresh, engaging, colorful – and busting these HSA myths might be the first time you truly enjoy learning about your health care benefits!

The easy-to-use guide walks readers through the detective’s goal to find:

  • The variety of health care services and items an HSA can cover

  • How to use an HSA as a savings vehicle

  • What you can do with an HSA in retirement

  • Contribution timing and limits

  • Who else can be covered by an HSA

The image-rich eBook also gives you exact, up-to-the-minute facts and numbers for managing your HSA today. You can use this as an ongoing reference for IRS limits, retirement requirements, and savings potential.

Our HSA eBook features:

  • How to use HSA funds year-round

  • A guide for using your HSA through your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond

  • Research on using payment cards

  • Information on who is using HSAs around the country

  • Resources for additional information

Take the time today to download HSA Myth Busters: Get the Facts for the most enjoyable and informational read about the curious HSA. Along with our detective, you’ll also discover – this is the best way to make the most of your HSA.

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