Health to Wealth: Preparing Millennials for the Future [Webinar]2020-07-01T16:59:48-04:00

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Health to Wealth: Preparing Millennials for the Future

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The Millennial generation places a high value on health, but actual medical care tends to fall low on the priority list, due to financial uncertainties spurred by historically high student loan debt, shrinking median income, and the soaring costs of home ownership.

Despite such hardships, consumer health care accounts such as Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) can present a tax-advantaged turning point for Millennials to afford present-day care and save for the future.

Join Jania Stout, Co-Founder and Practice Leader of Fiduciary Plan Advisors at HighTower, and Jamie Janvier, Marketing Manager from ConnectYourCare, as they illustrate the role of the HSA as a “Health to Wealth” savings vehicle for life ahead, and how employers can reinforce why it’s never too early to plan out a retirement strategy. 

Topics Covered:

  • Learn employer-proven strategies to effectively articulate the value of HSAs and other tax-advantaged accounts to younger workers

  • Understand and overcome generational challenges and perceptions to build trust, boost morale, and increase enrollment

  • Develop meaningful measures that can positively impact future plan design considerations

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Our Speakers

Jania Stout
Jania StoutCo-Founder and Practice Leader of Fiduciary Plan Advisors at HighTower
Jamie Janvier
Jamie JanvierMarketing Manager, ConnectYourCare
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