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Project Description


ConnectYourCare is a great partner and they are looking forward and thinking about the way that healthcare is changing. Healthcare consumerism is where we’re going. ConnectYourCare has thought of that and they are doing all that they can to help employers better communicate so that people understand the plans that they’re in, and also have the tools available to them to make it easy for them to access the funds when they need them.

Employees tend to think a lot of times that the companies are doing things that are going to take away from them, and it’s really important that we make them trust us and feel comfortable that we are trying to help them make the best decisions for their families and themselves.

People are concerned about the employee adoption for high deductible health plans. Many employers struggle to get their employees to actually save for their future. And when you can think of this as a retirement plan for health care, it’s the best of both worlds.

Member Experience

The ConnectYourCare website is great for our participants because they’re able to go and check their account balances easily. If you want to use your smartphone and snap a picture, you can do that as well and upload it to the website directly.

With the customer service, I haven’t heard many complaints, and so whenever I don’t hear anything that’s very good news.

Another example of how ConnectYourCare has been very beneficial to our organization is through their reporting capabilities.

If you go to the website you’re able to pull so many different reports from their dashboard – ythat’s helpful information for us to have, and that is way above compared to what I’ve seen in the past with other administrators.

Member Service

With ConnectYourCare’s account management, we’ve been able to see how they are helping to take some of the burden off of the employer.

One of the things that is frustrating for me is going through that customer identification process, so our participants are getting their accounts opened – hopefully – we’re funding dollars and then we learn the accounts not open for whatever reason.

Well, ConnectYourCare has worked to help us to eliminate that frustrating process. That’s something I haven’t seen someone else do.

HSA On Demand

The main reason we selected ConnectYourCare is the HSA On Demand feature. We knew that that was going to be an innovation that would be helpful for us, and I think it’s going to be one of the things of the future.

We would fund the amount of the family deductible, so it was basically an advance. As long as you elect to put that amount into the HSA for that year, you’ll have that money available to you first thing January.

if you’re worried about the deductible you don’t need to be because we’ve got the advance available to you, and that helped to ease some of the fear. And I’m sure that that’s one of the reasons we got a better enrollment this year.


Working with the Communications department at CYC has been terrific. I think what’s probably most challenging is making sure that the population understands the accounts that they have. So with ConnectYourCare, we’ve been able to do some heavy duty communication campaigns to make sure that our population was more familiar with the plans that they were enrolled in. And also to make sure that it was the best plan for them and their families’ needs.

So ConnectYourCare was able to give us some examples of communications they had done through email blasts and through some different posters. We did some educational videos and [ConnectYourCare] helped us with an idea to do a drawing to get some people to actually look at the videos – because, as you know, employers communicate, communicate, communicate, but employees don’t read.

And so by making sure that we were doing all sorts of media to get out to our population, we feel that that was very helpful. This year we’re very pleased to report that for this year’s open enrollment we were able to increase our enrollment in the high deductible health plan by 27% percent by making sure that we regularly communicated and also with some of our enrollment communications – making them more simple to understand. ConnectYourCare was able to help us to achieve that big milestone this year.

They are flexible. They are innovative. They can do things quickly and simply, and it has been terrific.

Terri ByronTerri Byron, Sonic Automotive
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