SmartCDH Complete Solutions Suite Brochure

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Project Description

smartCDH™ Consumer-Directed Health Care Solutions from ConnectYourCare

We provide a leading solution and benefit service that is seamless, simple, and offers peace of mind—resulting in better adoption, higher satisfaction, and lower costs.

smartCDH offers a  single platform experience for health savings accounts (HSAs), flexible spending accounts (FSAs), health reimbursement arranagements (HRAs), COBRA, commuter benefits, wellness incentive accounts, adoption assistance programs, and education reimbursement programs.

Some of the many reasons employers and our partners love ConnectYourCare’s CDH solutions:

  • Streamlined, consolidated approach with multiple benefit options on a single platform
  • Less administrative time via automated reporting and real-time analytics
  • Superior customer service for employees including 24x7x365 customer care center, portal, and mobile
  • Turnkey education and enrollment
  • Extensive integrations and customization options based on your program
  • Innovative solutions to aid employees while achieving organizational goals
SmartCDH Consumer-Directed Health Care Solutions Brochure
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