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Consumer-Driven Health Plan (CDHP) Enrollment & Usage Trends

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Get Employees’ and Employers’ Perspectives on CDHPs in ConnectYourCare’s Survey Report

This survey report provides insight into consumers’ health benefits preferences and influencers as well as the CDHP opportunities and barriers perceived by benefits stakeholders within organizations.

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Some of the CDHP industry findings you’ll learn about in this report include:

  • Selected by 58.6% of employee respondents, “reviewing my previous spending habits” is the most useful activity for employees when they’re deciding how much to contribute to their HSAs and/or FSAs in the future.
  • Employees also said previous account experience was the most valuable resource when determining whether to enroll in a tax-advantaged account in the future.
  • Benefits stakeholders indicated “employee customer service” and the “overall employee experience” were the most important factors when evaluating health account vendors for their organizations.
  • Asked what their primary concern is when it comes to retirement, 63% of employee respondents selected health care expenses over lifestyle expenses.

Check out the complete results of the Consumer-Driven Health Plan Enrollment & Usage Trends survey, which reinforces that balancing today’s health care cost realities and future needs is a substantial challenge for both the employer and employee populations.

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