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Project Description

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Commuter Benefits Webinar

  • Recorded: August 28th, 2019

  • 52 Minutes

  • Who Should Attend: Benefits stakeholders, especially HR professionals, brokers, consultants, and health plan leaders

Get The Commuter Benefits Info You Need Now

Commuter Benefits are an exciting offering to round out your total benefits package. In this Commuter Benefits Webinar we’ll explain how  if your employees regularly take mass transit, carpool, or have to pay for parking in order to work, offering commuter benefits can save both them and YOU money.

Are you looking to add, change, or enhance your Commuter benefit? Curious about new legislation and requirements? Interested in how other companies are leveraging the benefit? Want to see how the solution works? Then this Commuter Benefits Webinar is just what you’re looking for.

Join ConnectYourCare’s Commuter product expert, Wayne Murrow, and special guests Grace McKinnon, Assistant Director, Health and Welfare, and Sahara Artiga-Oliver, Benefits Specialist, Health and Welfare, from American University as we discuss how the best commuter programs are built and managed.

  • Learn about regulatory issues that may impact your company – where are the areas mandating commuter benefits, and could it affect YOUR company?

  • View a product demonstration…our simple online platform helps participants find eligible transit and parking options, order their passes, and set up recurring orders

  • Hear a client case study – Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from one client in the DC area who has had great success recruiting and retaining valuable employees

  • See how to drive engagement in existing programs – if you have commuter benefits, but they’re stalled or in need of a battery jump, listen in

Watch the Webinar Now:

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