COBRA Administration Solution Brief

COBRA Administration Solution Brief2018-04-17T14:16:28-04:00

Project Description

COBRA Administration Solution from ConnectYourCare

With ConnectYourCare, you won’t have to worry about a complex and time consuming COBRA administration process. Our comprehensive solution takes the work off of your hands. We provide everything from participant communications to real time reporting to ensure both you and your participants are completely covered.

Simple to use, and loaded with benefits.

  • Expert guidance on compliance and other COBRA-related issues
  • Access to all participant communications as well as assistance with other notices for HR compliance
  • Online participant portal allowing quick and easy access to payments, documents, coverage level, and more
  • Total electronic record tracking and retrieval
  • Streamlined implementation and enrollment process
  • Online access to real-time reporting, ensuring data accuracy
  • Collection, management, and tracking of all participant payments
  • Toll-free customer service line for participants
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