CDH Trends: HSA, FSA, and HRA Usage and Outlook [2018 CDH Report]2020-02-10T17:10:12-05:00

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2018 CDH Trends Report

CDH Trends: HSA, FSA, and HRA Usage and Outlook [Report]

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Featuring Research from Over 1 Million Tax-Advantaged Accounts

Employees are more concerned than ever about health care expenses in retirement. Does your benefits plan meet employee expectations?

Download the ConnectYourCare 2018 CDH Trends Report for valuable insights into the spending patterns and demographic trends of HSA, FSA and HRA account holders — as well as how they rate their employers’ approach to benefits communication.

Key Findings:

  • 44.9% of HSA account holders chose future health care expenses as the top reason they enrolled in an HSA, up nearly 5% from the same time last year

  • 62.9% of HSA account holders who leverage mutual fund investment options do so for shorter term goals, intending to withdraw investments for health care needs prior to retirement

  • For 45.7% of FSA respondents, the number one change they would like to make to their account would be to decrease the need to submit documentation for eligible expenses

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