Welcome to BROKERcommand®! [Video]

Welcome to BROKERcommand®! [Video]2020-12-10T08:56:31-05:00

Project Description

As a benefits broker, you’re concerned about your clients—helping them with onboarding, checking what steps they need to take, and monitoring renewals. The process has become more complex due to changing regulations and compliance requirements, but thanks to cutting-edge technology, you can simplify your job responsibilities.

ConnectYourCare, the company that keeps your clients happy with affordable, consumer-friendly health care benefits, presents BROKERcommand®, a client and proposal management tool.

BROKERcommand is a progressive platform built with one purpose: to create efficiencies for you, your clients, and their participants. BROKERcommand helps you manage your business with speed and productivity, which results in increased opportunities, client satisfaction, and ultimately, higher commissions.

Whether enrolling clients into ConnectYourCare’s tax-advantaged benefit programs—including health savings accounts (HSAs), flexible spending accounts (FSAs), health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs), and commuter/parking benefits—or generating proposals and processing renewals, brokers using BROKERcommand reduce cumbersome administrative processes, manual paperwork, and hours of data entry.

To aid in client education, BROKERcommand also hosts a full library of interactive resources, including ConnectYourCare’s award-winning Academy Series, that brokers can use to support their clients’ communication needs.

Let’s face it. The focus is shifting, and your role as a benefits broker is evolving. Changing regulations, complex plans, compliance requirements.

Challenges like these inevitably go hand in hand and stand out as more apparent to the everyday broker. But let’s not harp on the obvious.

Rather, what is often overlooked is the vital part technology plays, day to day, in helping you service your clients. Conventional means of conducting business no longer cut it. Brokers require cutting-edge technology more than ever to stay competitive today… and relevant tomorrow.

We get it. Your world is moving fast and you’re trying to keep stride. But the reality is, benefits brokers are still trapped in an ecosystem over-dependent on paper.

Providers, vendors, and others that surround you, many still antiquated in their ways. And as a result, you are tethered to their methods, and bogged down in analog paper processes.

Whether its actual enrollment forms or manual transfer of files, you and your clients shouldn’t have to be left in a wake of confusion, complexity, and clutter.

The time has passed for just trying to keep pace. You need a competitive edge to pull ahead in the race. It’s time to pull the plug on paper and plug into technology.

Welcome to BROKERcommand®, where technology meets transparency, providing you a clear, actionable view into your book of business.

Brought to you by ConnectYourCare—the company that keeps your clients happy with affordable, consumer-friendly health care benefits—BROKERcommand is progressive platform, built with purpose—and that purpose is to create efficiencies for you, your clients, and their participants.

Manage your ConnectYourCare book of business—including tax-advantaged HSAs, FSA, HRAs, and commuter benefits—with ease, and within one online tool.

No noise. No hassle. No hustle-bustle. Just technology with muscle. That’s right. Streamlined group and plan setup from A to Z, with no bumps or cracks in between.

Simply put, no driver’s manual needed. BROKERcommand immediately puts you in the driver’s seat so you’re always behind the wheel to steer what’s important: closing deals fast, earning commissions, and keeping clients happy.

Innovative and intuitive to fuel your best intentions.

BROKERcommand offers a smarter way to manage your clients. Onboard a client with just a few clicks. And with the dashboard view, skip the guesswork and see with clear visibility where all clients and prospects are in the lifecycle, whether onboarding, in proposal, or up for renewal.

The industry is demanding, so take this opportunity to be more commanding with BROKERcommand.

With BROKERcommand®, you can:

  • Manage HSAs, FSAs, HRAs, and Commuter Benefits

  • Enjoy streamlined group and plan setup

  • Work within one easy-to-use online tool

  • Gain a competitive edge by closing deals fast

  • Better serve your clients and grow your business

  • Enjoy 24/7 access to manage clients on your schedule

This is the competitive edge you’ve been looking for—with BROKERcommand, you can add more value and provide excellent service in significantly less time. Our industry is demanding, so take the time to be more commanding!

Explore all we have to offer in our new BROKERcommand video. You’ll enjoy learning details on what it is, how it works, and how it will benefit you and your clients.

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