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I’m the director of employee benefits at Allina Health. We have approximately 29,000 employees, of which 24,000 are benefits eligible. I’m responsible for the strategic direction of the Health, Welfare, and Retirement programs there.

So one of our main objectives is trying to get folks to take advantage of the tax savings within the HSA and FSA worlds of benefits. We’re particularly interested in directing people to our qualified high-deductible programs. And as part of steering them into those programs we needed robust systems that ConnectYourCare offers to help our employees be able to readily access and invest those funds that they’re saving.

We actually have firmly latched onto the online portal that our employees are able to access. They are able to go online 24/7, easily review their plan, their investments, their payroll deductions, their employer contributions. Whatever information they need is readily available at their fingertips at any time.

We’ve gotten excellent feedback from our employees — particularly compared to prior providers, specifically with regard to the online portal that they see. In addition, we’ve partnered with ConnectYourCare’s communications consultants to make sure that our employees are receiving important information about the advantages of tax savings and participating in their HSA and FSA accounts.

We’ve also partnered with ConnectYourCare’s customer service and internal teams to make sure that our employees are getting the service that we expect.

ConnectYourCare has beyond a shadow of a doubt been able to assist employees, which has helped us tremendously in the administrative regard.

Pam Price, Director of Employee Benefits at Allina Health - Profile PhotoPam Price, Allina Health
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