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Exclamation of Benefits focuses on the hot topics in consumer-driven health care benefits. Each episode, host Carla Wardin talks with experts in their fields about today’s new technologies, services, and options. Listen to hear the latest about upcoming trends, too. This is the perfect, bite-sized podcast to accompany your work, lunch, or commute…even if that’s just from the kitchen to the living room.

Saving and Spending in a Digital Wallet World

Additional Podcast Episodes

Saving and Spending in a Digital Wallet World

Episode 12:

As a Senior Account Executive, Jim Meduna is responsible for employee benefits products at Visa.

The Perfect Proposal

Episode 11:

Chris Perrera is Director of Proposals and Pursuit Management at Optum Financial.

Living and Breathing HSA

Episode 10:

Host Carla Wardin speaks with Jill Kelly, Vice President of HSA Solutions, about all the ins and outs of health savings accounts.

Lifestyle the Right Style

Episode 9:

Not only is Barbara Boudreau the Executive Vice President of Strategic Development at Optum Financial, she’s also a company founder.

Let’s Get Digital

Episode 8:

After starting off by honing her people skills as a cold caller, Katie Soehngen works with her team to craft proposals, respond to industry RFPs, and present to clients and broker partners.

Expert Advice on Pairing HSA with 401(k)

Episode 7:

Jania Stout’s team won one of the most prestigious awards in the industry: the 401(k) Advisor Leadership Award sponsored by National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA).

Virtual Silver Linings

Episode 6:

Megan Taggart creates and fosters expansion opportunities so clients can better serve their employees.

The Company You Keep

Episode 5:

Brian Haney is Vice President of The Haney Company, which specializes in insurance and retirement programs for associations, business owners, and individuals.

If You Build It, They Will Come

Episode 3:

Glenn Larson is a solution architect at Optum Financial, where he talks with clients to find out what they need and works with various tools, systems, and experts to build them a solution.

If It Ain’t Broker, Don’t Fix It

Episode 2:

Adam Gehris, Broker Delivery Manager at Optum Financial, talks about the questions brokers ask most, what services and technology his team offers, and how brokers can best prepare for next year and beyond.

Direct Billing Me Softly with COBRA

Episode 1:

Listen as host Carla Wardin talks with Juli Kline, Director of COBRA Operations at Optum Financial, about COBRA and direct billing services.

Podcast Host

Carla Wardin is the host of the Optum Financial podcast, Exclamation of Benefits. Carla brings her broadcasting and technology experience to talk to experts about the latest innovations in the benefits industry. Carla is an author, speaker, and marketing communicator from Michigan, where she and her husband are raising three boys on a dairy farm.

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