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HSA Administration at a Glance

A Health Savings Account (HSA) presents a variety of cost-saving opportunities for employers offering a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP).

It also serves as an enticing option for enrolled participants, as it offers them maximum control over their health care decisions, valuable tax savings, and long-term investment options. That’s why choosing the right HSA provider is so important.

Our HSA Administration solution includes a payment card so employees can easily access funds, an online portal and mobile app for anytime-anywhere account management, interest earnings and blue-chip investment options, speedy and accurate claims processing, superior customer service, and valuable health education and decision-support tools to help employees make more informed choices.

With Optum Financial HSA Administration, you can:

  • Increase adoption of consumer-driven health (CDH) plans and realize cost savings
  • Alleviate compliance burdens and administrative overhead
  • Give employees control over their own health care finances
  • Create a more attractive benefits plan by distributing savings to employees’ HSAs
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Empower Employees, Save the Bottom Line.

Address employees’ #1 fear around CDH plan adoption – greater financial risk – by giving them access to their full year’s HSA contributions from day one with our patent-pending HSA On Demand® solution.

Organizations offering HSA On Demand® have seen a 62% increase in HSA adoption, allowing them to replace more expensive plans with HDHPs, reduce premium costs, lower FICA taxes, and improve cash flow.

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Increase Employee Satisfaction

Having the right people and technology makes all the difference. We invest in both.

Our customer care representatives — based and mentored in
the U.S. — are available 24/7/365.

And your employees can manage accounts and submit claims anytime, anywhere,
thanks to the advanced technology powering our websites, mobile app, and convenient payment cards.

Work Smarter, Not Harder, with smartCDH

We built smartCDH — our comprehensive benefit service platform — to enable you to meet your
business objectives without middle-man technology slowing you down.

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Make the Most of HSAs

Optum Financial’s comprehensive 360° Connect Communications Program begins by educating employees prior to enrollment to drive adoption rates.

Then our program continues to delight them throughout the course of the plan year with valuable communication tools and resources to ensure they are maximizing their benefits potential.

Clients using 360° Connect have enjoyed up to a 29% increase in account enrollment, resulting in hundreds of thousands in additional tax savings to both employers and employees.

Move Painlessly

Changing HSA administrators doesn’t have to be chaotic.

With a 100% satisfaction rate, our implementation specialists will make the process seamless.

ConnectYourCare, now part of Optum Financial, has earned the distinction to serve as an IRS-designated non-bank trustee. View our IRS notice of approval.

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of benefits stakeholders indicated Employee Customer Service was “Very Important” when evaluating health account vendors for their organizations — making it the most important factor

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