Corporate Wellness Incentive Programs

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Reward Healthy Behavior with Health & Wellness Incentives

Smart actions pay off for employers and employees

Employers looking to control rising health benefits costs include wellness incentive programs as a key component of their benefits strategies. With 70% of health care spending caused by behavioral and lifestyle choices, healthy behavior can have a significant impact on long-term savings.

Employees also embrace not only the financial benefits of wellness programs, but also the personal rewards of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Millennials cite “Taking care of my physical health” as their number one priority.

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of employers offer a wellness program

Source: SHRM

Optum Financial Corporate Wellness Incentive Solution

Delight employees and control costs with a simple way to reward healthy behavior. With Optum Financial’s Corporate Wellness Incentive Program, employees benefit from making healthy choices with an easy-to-use, employer-funded health account.

Account Features and Benefits:

  • Intelligent payment card offers convenience with Wellness and other Optum Financial accounts on one card.

  • Employees appreciate the ease and convenience of online and mobile account administration and speedy claims processing.

  • Live customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Wellness Accounts that Work for You

We understand that every employer is unique, especially when it comes to wellness rewards. That’s why our solution is built to deliver a program custom-made for you.

  • Flexible plan designs
  • Customizable item eligibility
  • Funding, rollover and portability customization
  • Reward funding for any type of activity
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Convenience Employees Love

Online participant portal and mobile app

Rapid reimbursements via direct deposit

Easy documentation submission

24/7/365 U.S.-based customer service

How Optum Financial Corporate Wellness Incentive Programs Work

  • Employers build a corporate wellness program by defining qualifying items and activities.

  • Employees follow program guidelines and establish active, healthy lifestyles.

  • Wellness incentive payments are deposited into the participants’ Optum Financial accounts per employer plan specifications

  • That’s it! If employees ever have a question or need help, we’re just a phone call away, any time, every day – even on holidays.

  • Employers obtain a healthier workforce, helping all parties reduce long-term health care costs.

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