ConnectYourCare’s CEO, Steve Grieco, to Present at
IHC’s 2015 Forum & Expo in Atlanta

June 19, 2015

ConnectYourCare, the nation’s leading administrator of health savings accounts (HSAs) and other tax-advantaged solutions, announced that Steve Grieco, ConnectYourCare’s CEO, will be a panelist at the Institute for HealthCare Consumerism’s 2015 Forum & Expo Atlanta being held June 23 – 25, 2015.

This year’s conference, “Health Care Consumerism: Best Practices, Innovation, Expert Outlooks,” focuses on account-based plans, including HSAs, corporate wellness and technology-driven innovations that empower consumers to take charge of their health care and finances while driving demand and adoption of health care consumerism.

As a participant in the Opening Keynote panel, on Tuesday, June 23 from 2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m., Grieco will discuss how ConnectYourCare promotes innovation and change within the company and in those of its clients. From the importance of maintaining flexible and scalable technology solutions to the need for a refined educational strategy for comprehensively communicating consumer-directed health (CDH) benefits, Grieco will share his views on what it takes to successfully transition to CDH, selecting the right CDH administrative partner, and ConnectYourCare’s smartCDH approach.

“ConnectYourCare removes obstacles and promotes the value of CDH adoption so that consumers and plan sponsors experience a smooth transition into the consumer-driven world,” said Grieco. “By providing innovative products and clear, comprehensive communications, we help consumers focus on what’s important to them — making the best health care decisions and saving money.”

About ConnectYourCare
As one of the largest and most responsive providers of health care savings accounts, and award-winning solutions, our approach to consumer directed health care is rooted in creating better, more efficient connections among the people who provide benefits, the people accessing services, and the people who deliver services. Blue chip organizations across the country turn to ConnectYourCare for our highly rated customer service and best-in-class member experience, advanced educational tools for better-informed choices, acceleration of savings with ROI efficiencies and simplification of processes with brilliant customer-focused solutions. There is a unique solution for every company and we won’t stop working until we connect you with the perfect one. How can we help ConnectYourCare?

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