New “For Dummies” Book from ConnectYourCare Shows
Consumers How to Save with Flexible Spending Accounts

August 18, 2015

ConnectYourCare and John Wiley & Sons, Inc., publisher of the best-selling “For Dummies” book series, announce the release of FSAs For Dummies®, ConnectYourCare Special Edition. The new book shows consumers how flexible spending accounts (FSAs) can be used to maximize health care funds and save on dependent care expenses by using pre-tax dollars.

FSAs have been available for many years, but employees frequently overlook this benefit because they don’t fully understand the tax advantages or how to use the tool effectively. Often, FSAs are confused with a similar pre-tax savings tool – the health savings accounts (HSA) – which have different rules for saving.

ConnectYourCare sheds much needed light on FSAs by showing consumers how to maximize their savings using simple concepts. FSAs For Dummies, ConnectYourCare Special Edition includes details on how to:

  • Pay for health care expenses tax-free using FSA funds
  • Estimate annual contribution amounts
  • Plan for annual expenses
  • Easily manage an FSA online and with mobile devices
  • Lower taxable income with an FSA

“Wiley has done an expert job of simplifying the concept of FSAs while providing essential information that appeals to both those new to FSAs and those who have had them for years,” said Lauren Kronthal, Chief Marketing Officer at ConnectYourCare. “This new publication works hand-in-hand with our HSAs For Dummies book to give our clients, their employees, and anyone who wants more information about consumer-directed health care, a fuller understanding of FSA health and dependent care accounts.”

“This can be a complicated subject, so Wiley was very happy to work with ConnectYourCare to make FSAs easy for consumers to understand,” said Lisa Coleman, Sales Director of “For Dummies” and Custom Solutions at Wiley. “ConnectYourCare brings significant expertise and experience as a leading FSA administrator. Combining their knowledge with our ‘For Dummies’ writing style, allowed us to produce an extremely useful publication on a very timely subject.”

FSAs For Dummies, ConnectYourCare Special Edition is available for download at HSAs For Dummies, ConnectYourCare Special Edition is also available for download at

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