ConnectYourCare to Surpass Two Million Health Savings Account Members

ConnectYourCare Now Ranks in Top 3 HSA Account Administrators in the United States

HUNT VALLEY, Md., June 12, 2013

ConnectYourCare, one of the nation’s leading Health Savings Account (HSA) administrators and a recognized industry expert in FSA, HRA, and Retirement benefit account administration, is pleased to announce that in 2014 its HSA coverage will top two million members.

“This milestone makes it clear that more Americans understand that allocating part of their savings to a tax-free HSA is a must,” said Jamie Spriggs, CEO of ConnectYourCare. “An HSA is a powerful way to fight the rising cost of health insurance and our simplified experience, seamless access and unique coaching model have proven successful in helping customers save and grow.”

An HSA is an individually-owned savings and investment account coupled with a high-deductible health plan. Unlike older flexible spending accounts, there is no ‘use-it or lose-it’ rule and qualified medical expenses can be withdrawn tax-free year after year. In addition to their own tax-free contributions, many ConnectYourCare participants also receive tax-free contributions from their employers. Additionally, HSA deposits earn tax-free interest and can be withdrawn without penalty to pay for medical expenses.

About ConnectYourCare

As people who can make sense of the evolving health care landscape, ConnectYourCare gives employers a fighting chance against skyrocketing health care costs—while offering employees a valuable benefit they use and appreciate to better manage health savings. Delivering ROI and efficiencies at every turn; giving individuals tools they can use to make better-informed choices, including our renowned service representatives; simplifying the entire process with market-setting technology solutions—and continually developing new features and options—these are the core competencies that have allowed us to grow a loyal and highly satisfied client base of organizations of every size. Learn more at

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