ConnectYourCare Receives National Recognition as Industry Innovator by IHC

November 05, 2014

Dan Stachura, ConnectYourCare’s Vice President of Product Development, was named one of the Top 5 Industry Innovators of 2014 by The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism (IHC), garnering a nationally recognized Superstar Award. The award recognizes industry professionals for their significant advances in making health and benefits more consumer-oriented. ConnectYourCare is a national leader in consumer-directed health care account solutions, including health savings accounts (HSAs), flexible spending accounts (FSAs) and health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs). Stachura heads up the development of ConnectYourCare’s industry leading applications, tools, and client integration infrastructure. He was recognized for a number of forward-thinking innovations and his role in establishing significant partnerships that enhance ConnectYourCare’s products to meet changing needs in the marketplace.

ConnectYourCare’s HSA On Demand® solution was recognized for its pioneering approach to removing financial risk as a barrier to HSA adoption. HSAs offer major savings for employers and greater control over health care expenses for employees. But one of the biggest sources of hesitation for workers considering an HSA has been the risk of incurring an unexpected medical expense soon after enrolling. HSA On Demand eliminates this risk by providing advances up to an employee’s planned annual HSA contributions, plus employer contributions.

In 2014, Stachura and his team employed a Usability Practice to conduct studies of real participants of ConnectYourCare’s portal and pinpoint where improvements could be made to the member experience. Study results guided Stachura in restructuring the participant portal and employer dashboard, resulting in a streamlined experience for users within a simplified, new design. Results also led to the development of innovative new features like HSA Save-It!, a personal tool for managing health care expenses to promote savings.

Stachura helped facilitate partnerships with Castlight Health, allowing HSA data integration into the Enterprise Healthcare Cloud, and Asset Health, resulting in integrated health and wellness account solutions. ConnectYourCare’s industry-leading mobile app continues to simplify the health care experience while helping members better manage their healthcare budget and actively monitor their health savings.

“We are thrilled that ConnectYourCare has been recognized for our efforts to make health and benefits more consumer-oriented, and Dan deserves acknowledgment for his ability to tackle complex issues and simplify them to enhance the user experience,” said ConnectYourCare’s CEO, Jim Simmons. “Changes in our platform are a direct response to the needs and suggestions of our clients. We are dedicated developing simple solutions and tailoring our products to meet these unique challenges.”

The IHC has presented Superstar Awards over the past several years to companies and professionals that inspire consumerism in the health care industry. Award recipients were nominated by their peers and selected by the IHC’s editorial team and advisory board. Categories include innovation, leadership implementation, and health and wellness.

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