ConnectYourCare Launches New Website to
Help Simplify Consumer-directed Benefits

February 25, 2015

ConnectYourCare, the nation’s leading administrator of health savings accounts, today announced the launch of its newly designed website featuring advanced products and tools designed to make consumer-directed health care (CDHC) benefits easier and more accessible.

“ConnectYourCare’s approach to consumer directed care is rooted in creating better, more efficient connections among: the people who provide benefits (employers, health plans, financial institutions), the people accessing healthcare services (employees/members), and the people who deliver healthcare services (doctors, nurses, technicians, and other providers.),” said Lauren Kronthal, Chief Marketing Officer of ConnectYourCare. “Our new website now allows us to make the right connections as well. We can more effectively communicate the benefits of transitioning to CDHC and provide an improved experience for our partners and stakeholders. And, it gives employees the tools they need to take advantage of pre-tax savings through a flexible spending account (FSA), health reimbursement account (HRA) or health savings account (HSA). As technology is ever changing, we recognized it was time to advance our website – not just aesthetically but also in content and functionality.”

As part of its ongoing commitment to innovation, ConnectYourCare designed the site to educate businesses and consumers about CDHC and how to save money on health care with valuable new tools like whitepapers, communication kits and savings calculators. In addition, the site’s responsive format is completely mobile-friendly. Users will experience fast, easy access to real-time account features and benefits from any device. A robust search function makes it even easier to get information quickly, and useful industry-related materials are available for benefits managers and prospects interested in making better health care spending decisions.

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