ConnectYourCare Expands Services to Help Brokers Maximize Business Opportunities for Small and Mid-Size Employers

November 07, 2017

New Services Tap Proven Technology Originally Designed for Enterprise Business

ConnectYourCare (CYC) – a national leader in consumer-directed health care account solutions (CDH) – announced it has expanded its solutions to better serve small and mid-size clients. As part of the initiative, ConnectYourCare has launched its Broker Services Program, empowering brokers to offer a full line of enhanced services to their clients.

The Broker Services Program expands upon the cornerstones of ConnectYourCare’s widely recognized large-market product offerings, which provide businesses customizable capabilities, ease of use, and the latest in innovative technologies. This includes the patent-pending HSA On Demand® product, which enables participants to access their full year’s HSA contribution on day one of a plan year. Also included are resources such as accredited continuing education courses, open enrollment materials, and participant education resources.

“This program is the first stage in a series of rollouts designed to help brokers, who are striving to provide seamless solutions to their clients in the small and mid-market business space,” said Nicole Williams, newly appointed Vice President of Sales at ConnectYourCare. “In addition to adding value to existing clients, brokers now have a “no-noise” solution that makes managing new CDH business easier than ever.”

With this new program, brokers can quickly and intuitively customize CDH plan offerings for their clients, including tax-advantaged Health Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Reimbursement Arrangements, and Commuter benefits. All services may be managed through one central platform that will provide for greater simplicity and efficiency when it comes to generating client proposals, implementation management, administering plan renewals, and providing reporting with detailed data analysis.

Williams continued, “In today’s ever-changing health care environment, employers need as much guidance as possible so they can focus on running and growing their businesses. With the help of their brokers, we see our solution enabling employers to do just this.”

Demonstrating its commitment to the small business market, ConnectYourCare has promoted Nicole Williams to her new role, in which she will oversee the Small and Mid-Market team that is exclusively focused on brokers. Williams, an industry veteran, spearheaded the new Broker Services Program, working with the product operations team to ensure that every detail included provides high-level value to brokers and businesses alike.

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