ConnectYourCare Introduces New Platform to Help Benefits Brokers Optimize Employer Health Care Accounts and Increase Revenue Potential

November 30, 2017

BrokerCommand Solution Meets Small/Mid-Size Market Demand for One-Stop Consumer-Directed Health Care Delivery

ConnectYourCare (CYC) – a national leader in consumer-directed health care account solutions (CDH) – today announced the launch of BrokerCommand to aid benefits brokers in meeting the unique health plan needs of small and mid-size employers. The new solution—part of the CYC Broker Service Program introduced earlier this month—was developed in response to brokers’ requests for new technology to simplify the delivery of benefits, as well as resources to help their clients realize the savings potential of tax-advantaged accounts amid rising health care costs.

Through BrokerCommand’s centralized platform, brokers can quickly generate and issue proposals in minutes not hours, set up and manage client enrollments, process renewals, access and share valuable reports in seconds, and maintain important compliance documentation. The tool empowers brokers to write revenue-generating business without significant time commitments or administrative headaches, and therefore realize greater efficiencies to effectively manage the breadth of complex client needs.

Benefits brokers can also leverage BrokerCommand to tailor highly customized benefit plans based on solutions once only available to large-market clients—including the patent-pending HSA On Demand® feature, which enables Health Savings Account (HSA) participants to access their full year’s HSA contribution on day one of a plan year.

“We wanted to give brokers a one-stop shop where they could go to easily manage their clients’ CDH book of business, so they could spend less time behind the computer and with their providers, and more time fostering client relationships,” Williams added. “We are confident that BrokerCommand will serve as a value-added platform that will transform the business of our broker partners.”

Benefits brokers can register now to start using BrokerCommand, or request a demo to learn more.


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