ConnectYourCare Announces Latest Version of BROKERcommand for a Better Benefits Experience

Enhanced features help benefits brokers grow business and build value with clients

Hunt Valley, MD, November 13, 2019

ConnectYourCare, a national leader in consumer-directed health care account solutions, today released the latest version of its BROKERcommand® client and proposal management tool.

BROKERcommand provides benefits brokers a means to manage their book of business with speed and efficiency, resulting in increased opportunities, client satisfaction, and commission earnings.  Whether enrolling clients into ConnectYourCare’s tax-advantaged benefit programs—including health savings accounts (HSAs), flexible spending accounts (FSAs), health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs), and commuter/parking benefits—or generating proposals and processing renewals, brokers leveraging the BROKERcommand platform ultimately bypass cumbersome administrative processes, manual paperwork, and hours of data entry.

“BROKERcommand has transformed the way benefits brokers and advisors are running their businesses,” said Steve Grieco, ConnectYourCare’s Chief Executive Officer. “ConnectYourCare was founded on unique innovation and continues to push the market forward with progressive technology that maps to today’s needs. Our latest developments bring dynamic workflows and outcomes to the forefront, further helping our broker partners accelerate business opportunities and deliver value back to their clients.”

As a single-source, cloud-based tool, BROKERcommand offers brokers valuable insights through actionable data and analytics. Feature sets such as intuitive dashboards, automated alerts, and custom reporting work together to provide clear status visibility across various stages of the client lifecycle—including proposal, onboarding, implementation, and renewal.

Also integral to the client lifecycle are educational and compliance tools that aid employers in communicating benefits and adhering to plan regulations, respectively. BROKERcommand hosts a full library of interactive resources—including ConnectYourCare’s award-winning “Academy” series—that brokers can leverage to support their clients’ communication needs and help overcome compliance challenges.

“Brokers are looking to get clients up and running without hitting any roadblocks in the process. That means they need tools that are easy to use with quick results,” Grieco added. “BROKERcommand accounts for this and more, backed by gold-standard service that users can expect from ConnectYourCare, as well as proven communication and compliance guidance that returns value in the form of client expansion and retention.”

Benefits brokers seeking to streamline client workflow management can request a demo of BROKERcommand’s updated features at:

About ConnectYourCare

As a consumer-directed health care pioneer and nationally recognized industry leader, ConnectYourCare delivers a comprehensive solution supporting health care savings accounts and expanded tax-advantaged offerings. Through continuous evolution, highly rated service, and domain expertise across the benefits, banking, and payments spectrum, we are revolutionizing the connection between health and wealth. ConnectYourCare creates greater participant value through intuitive account management; greater employer value and savings through dynamic, outcome-based workflows and tools; and greater partnership value through deep engagements to meet goals—with proprietary, cloud-based technology and a modern, intelligent platform as its foundation.
Trusted by leading organizations, spanning all industries and sizes, we are making it easier for people to manage care, so they can enjoy life. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @ConnectYourCare.

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