Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for Members

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for Members2020-12-04T08:31:53-05:00

Ensuring you have ongoing support and access to your account

We are committed to providing you with ongoing support for your account and keeping you connected when you need it most. Below is helpful information that will help you navigate the public health crisis today, and make the most of your account every day.


If I am working from home due to COVID-19, can I get my commuter orders refunded? 

Since commuter orders are made with pre-tax funds, the IRS does not allow refunds to be issued. However, if you are enrolled in commuter benefits through CYC’s program, you can return products for a credit that can be used toward future orders.

Please view Commuter Benefit COVID-19 Updates and Policies.

Transit agency return policies

View a full list of transit agencies and return policies that are updated regularly, here.


If you are enrolled in a pre-tax parking program, you should contact your parking provider directly to best determine your credit options, since each parking provider operates independently and under its own rules.

If my daycare is closed due to COVID-19, can I change my dependent care contributions? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on the lives of American workers, parents, and children. Due to recent life events, you may be eligible to increase or decrease your dependent care FSA elections for situations you may be experiencing, including:

  • Change of day care provider.
  • Cost of care changes (unless care provider is a relative).
  • Need for care changes due to a job change or change of work hours.
  • Certain employers may allow election changes without a qualifying life event based on recent IRS guidance.

If you are eligible and experiencing an election change event, you typically have 30 days from the date of the event to submit your election change request. You should contact your employer’s benefits office for more information on the process to change your elections.

Can I either increase or decrease their FSA election amounts due to COVID-19? 

Under IRS rules, you generally cannot make changes to your FSA elections unless there is a qualifying life event. However, a qualifying event as it relates to COVID-19 may include:

  • Change in employment status that affects eligibility.
  • FMLA leave.
  • Change to the number of dependents.
  • Certain employers may allow election changes without a qualifying life event based on recent IRS guidance.

What happens to my HRA if I am terminated due to COVID-19? 

You have until the claims submission deadline to submit your HRA claims, but the date of service must be on or before your coverage termination date.

Can I change my HSA election amounts? 

Yes, you can change your HSA contributions at least once per month through your employer. If payroll contributions are no longer an option, you can contribute directly to your HSA and it will still be an above-the-line tax deduction. Please note that 2019 contributions can be made to your HSA until July 15, 2020 based on recent IRS Guidance.

Is COVID-19 testing and treatment covered under an HSA/high deductible health plan?

The IRS released guidance on March 11, 2020, clarifying that testing and treatment of COVID-19 is preventive care and therefore can be covered, pre-deductible, by a high deductible health plan. IRS Notice 2020-15 explains that this accommodation is due to the “unprecedented public health emergency posed by COVID-19.” For more information, please see our related blog post.

Please refer to your health plan document for details about coverage under the plan.

How has COVID-19 impacted tax filings for my HSA?

The IRS has extended the 2019 tax-filing deadline until July 15, 2020. It is important to note that the tax responsibility for HSAs does vary by state. You should check your local state tax laws to determine if local authorities have extended tax filing deadlines in line with the federal extension, or work with your tax advisor to ensure correct filing. For more information, please refer to IRS Publication 969.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, law makers have been busy making changes to existing policies to help ease the burden on health care systems and those affected by this public health crisis.

For the latest legislation impacting your account, visit our COVID-19 Legislation page.

You can continue to use your payment card and access your account as you’ve always done through the myCYC mobile app or by logging in to your online account to:

  • Check account balance
  • View transactions
  • Pay a provider or reimburse yourself
  • Submit claims and check status
  • Update contact information
  • Set up important alerts

Payment Cards

If your account has a payment card, you can take advantage of buying eligible items with your pre-tax dollars and having the cost deducted directly from your account without dipping into your personal funds or worrying about submitting a claim later. (In some cases documentation may be requested, so be sure to always save your itemized receipts for your payment card transactions.)

Need a replacement card or additional cards for family members?

Simply log in to your online account, click “Payment Card” on the homepage, then select “replace your card” or “add cardholder” and your new card will be on its way.

CYC Marketplace

You can use your payment cards to purchase eligible items online and have them delivered directly to your home through the CYC Marketplace. This shopping option is a convenient way to purchase products without the guesswork of product eligibility, offers you discounts and incentives, and keeps you healthy by giving you easy online access to the products you most need from the safety of your home.

Visit the CYC Marketplace. 

Congress Passed the CARES Act!

The CARES Act gives you more purchasing power than ever! You can now buy 20K additional items using your pre-tax account, including:

Over-the-counter medicines
(no longer require a prescription)

Menstrual care products
(items like pads, tampons, liners, etc.)

Read more.

Access Your Account Anywhere, Anytime

Staying connected is easy with the the myCYC mobile app and your online account. Check your balance, claims status, transactions and more.

Payment card: If a payment card is offered with your account, it’s an easy way to purchase eligible items online!

To request a FREE replacement payment card or additional cards for family members, log in to your account and click Payment Card on the homepage.

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