14th Annual BenefitsPRO Broker Expo

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We are pleased to be sponsoring and speaking during the 14th Annual BenefitsPRO Broker Expo!

Health to Wealth Trends: Preparing Your Workforce for the Future 
Join us on April 18th from 4-5PM

As retirement projections total nearly $300k needed for health care expenses alone, learn how forward-thinking companies have successfully built a “Health to Wealth” strategy into their benefits plans. Learn best practices and trends in strategic program development and communication plans that illustrate the importance of planning ahead, especially when addressing Millennials, a generation mired in debt from student loans and earning lower wages due to recent economic distress. Takeaways Include employer-proven strategies to effectively articulate the value of HSAs and other tax-advantaged to accounts to younger workers.

The 2018 Expo will feature more than 20 educational tracks on proven sales ideas, strategies and experiences from experts in our industry. Join us for our session and stop by our booth while in San Diego.


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