[getPlanYears] => Get Plan Years
    [getClient] => Get a single client
    [getGlobalValues] => Retrieve All Global Data
    [getCoverages] => Retrieve All Coverage Data
    [getClients] => Retrieve All Clients
    [getCalculatorItems] => Retreive Text for Calculator labels
    [saveGlobalValue] => Save a single global data item to database
    [saveCoverage] => Save Coverage Type
    [saveClient] => Save a single client
    [saveCalculatorItem] => Save label/Tooltip for a single Calculator Item
    [adminClientGetAll] => Retrieve a List of Clients
    [savePlanYearValues] => Save values for a single Plan - Year
    [savePlanYear] => Save a Plan Year
    [savePlan] => Save a Plan
    [getCalcParams] => Get Calculator Parameters for specified client GUID(default is generic)
    [phpInfo] => Displays PHP Info