Seize Every Opportunity with BROKERcommand®

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Why wait until tomorrow when you can write business today?

Seize every opportunity with BROKERcommand

Manage your Optum Financial book of business (HSAs, FSAs, HRAs, and Commuter benefits) with one online tool, so you can focus on what’s important: closing deals and keeping clients happy.

Is BROKERcommand right for your business?

BROKERcommand is ideal for growing, service-based broker firms looking to take their agency to the next level by:

  • Eliminating Cumbersome Paper

  • Automating Account Set-ups

  • Leveraging Technology as a Service

  • Generating Comprehensive Proposals

  • Tracking Cases and Renewals

  • Accessing data and analytics 24/7

Broker using ConnectYourCare's BROKERcommand tool to create a custom plan for a company while she meets with them.

Transform the way you run your business

Eliminate a cumbersome paper process with one easy-to-navigate tool, so you can deliver personalized service that’s responsive to your clients’ needs.

Win the business with less back and forth

Generate proposals in minutes with BROKERcommand’s step-by-step proposal builder, tailored specifically to the client.

Broker showing a small business owner the plan customizations to their plan using ConnectYourCare's BROKERcommand tool on her computer.

The smarter way to manage clients

Onboard a client with just a few clicks.
And with the dashboard view, skip the guesswork and see with clear visibility where all clients and prospects are in the onboarding, proposal, and renewal process.

BROKERcommand FAQs

Simply go to and select the BROKERcommand option from the Login menu and follow steps to begin registration. 

BROKERcommand has a robust user interface with advanced features and functionalities that lets users easily generate proposals, submit cases, track renewals and report on participants, all in an integrated web-based solution. BROKERcommand’s dashboard dials make for seamless navigating with instant access to real-time analytics. 

Minimal information is needed to create a proposal in BROKERcommand.  Brokers simply need to add their client’s name, plan effective date, and number of eligible participants tgenerate a proposal and start the case submission process. 


Registration can be completed within a few minutes.  First, complete the registration form found by accessing the “Get Started” link at  Then follow the instructions listed in the activation email to configure your access and activate your BROKERcommand account. 

Optum Financial understands how important it is to have dedicated team to support our Broker community.  If you should experience any issues with our BROKERcommand portal, we encourage you to reach out to [email protected] or call 877-891-1022. 

Registered brokers do not need a Broker Agreement to generate a proposal or submit a case within BROKERcommand.  However, we do require a Broker Agreement from brokers who wish to review participant level data within our Reporting feature. 


We’re here to help! Contact us to request more information about how Optum Financial solutions can help you achieve your goals.

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We’re here to help! Contact us to request more information about how Optum Financial solutions can help you achieve your goals.

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