Thoughts on Conference Board’s Employee Health Care Conference in NYC

Despite the wintery weather that made its way into the Times Square area during the show, we still had a very productive and informative experience at the 18th Annual Employee Health Care Conference in New York City.

While at the conference, our team as well as over 50 other vendors learned a plethora of information about what is on the horizon with top employers and industry leaders. Employee Benefits and Health Care experts at every level convened to share case studies, best practices, and practical next steps to drive the health care industry forward.

There were a wide range of topics discussed at the break out sessions and panels. ConnectYourCare assembled a dedicated team of speakers to examine Health to Wealth Trends and how to Prepare Your Workforce for the Future. The panel — moderated by Jill Kelly, Vice President of Banking Strategy, ConnectYourCare — featured Laura Haran, Director of Benefits, Ascension; Jon Rankin, President, North Carolina Business Group on Health and Jessica Ward, Senior Manager, Benefits & HR Systems, DSW Inc.

In our sessions, attendees learned how renowned employers have built a “Health to Wealth” strategy into their benefits plans. Attendees also learned about best practices and trends in strategic program development and communication plans, all useful when updating benefits plans for Millennial employees — a generation mired in debt from student loans and earning lower wages.

Takeaways from CYC’s Attendees

Kristin Kwajewski, VP of Sales Northeast at ConnectYourCare, had wonderful things to say about the event. “The Conference Board event was an excellent opportunity to learn what other employers are doing regarding their healthcare benefits. There were so many wonderful sessions and speakers.”

Another of our VP of Sales, Tom Trautwein, had very positive feedback from the conference. “I enjoyed so many conversations around the challenges of supporting employees’ health and wealth. Rising health care costs outpacing stagnant wage increases is really putting pressure on employees to prioritize their dollars. Although so much of the focus in on reducing health care costs (as is evident by the plethora of innovative solutions claiming impressive ROI’s), the challenge many HR leaders seem to be struggling with is the emotional state of mind of employees who cannot find the dollars to pay for their medical expenses. HR is truly torn between trying to solve the problem (claims management) while HR’s empathy is turning towards the plight of the employee.”

Everyone who attended the conference seemed to be very happy with the format, sessions and over all experience of their time at the event. We look forward to sponsoring next year… hopefully without the snow!

Next Steps: Learn How to Help Millennial Employees Prepare for the Future

Couldn’t make it to our session at the Employee Health Care Conference? No problem. You can still learn how to create a benefits plan right for Millennial employees in our free on-demand webinar.

Watch the Webinar
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