Talking Benefits with CYC Experts: Pete Caporale, VP of Operations

When you want the best employee benefits, you call on the experts. In this Experts series, we’ll introduce you to some of the great people at ConnectYourCare making significant contributions so our end users, clients, and partners achieve their benefits administration goals.

In this post, you will hear from our very own, Pete Caporale, Vice President of Operations at ConnectYourCare, and learn how his expertise in various areas of the health care, finance, and insurance industries continue to inform his work and benefit clients that rely on CYC services.

Meet Pete Caporale

Pete CaporalePete brings more than 20 years of health administration experience in implementations, operations, technology, and customer service functions.

Prior to joining ConnectYourCare, Pete worked with Aon Hewitt for over 15 years. There he was a technology and operations leader for multiple lines of business in the Health Benefits Administration field.

In addition, he held operations leadership roles with Willis Towers Watson and Fidelity Investments, leading organizations servicing health and pension plans for large market clients.

He has played a significant role in consumer-driven health (CDH) business initiatives throughout his career, including being a member of the original technology leadership team for the Aon Hewitt Spending Account Business.

“I have worked with all sized clients from as small as 50 to as large as several hundred thousand employees,” Pete told me. “I have supported full Health and Welfare Benefits, 401k, Pension, Consumer Driven Health plans, Business Process Outsourcing, COBRA and Direct Bill services.”

That kind of experience makes him exactly the sort of person businesses need when trying to solve their complex benefits challenges.

His passion for improving employees’ lives also makes Pete an HR team’s best friend.

I chose this field because of the impact our work can make on people’s lives when I make sure that their benefits are there when they need them.

Pete CaporalePete Caporale • VP, Operations, ConnectYourCare

Pete exemplifies ConnectYourCare’s tenet that the best service comes from people who truly care about the result – and whose wealth of past experiences continue to inform how they approach CDH projects today.

Early in my career in technology, I was a Systems Project Manager that was responsible for helping build a new CDH service offering. The goals were ambitious in implementing over 50 Fortune 1000 clients on day 1 of the new service.

Building a new service offering from the ground up introduces many challenges that can really test your ability to think creatively and engage your teams in new ways, especially when the pressure is high, and the results are visible across the organization. While the out of the gate results were not perfect we were able to launch on time, stabilize, and within two years had over 100 clients on the platform.

This project taught me what an amazing job a high performing team can do when it does not matter who gets the credit.

Pete CaporalePete Caporale • VP, Operations, ConnectYourCare

When asked about his opinions and thoughts on future industry game-changers, Pete expects companies that are able to properly prioritize technology, innovation, and service and blend the three will be the ones to emerge as new leaders in the benefits industry.

Technology is revolutionizing many industries and the health industry in general has been slow to adopt many of the consumer-friendly applications we are seeing in other business sectors.

Companies on the cutting edge of healthcare will be looking for ways to simplify the experience and provide the data and systems people need when they need it. The most successful companies will find ways to provide information at the point of need. They will find ways to integrate the entire experience utilizing the latest technologies, such as mobile, artificial intelligence, and digital wallets.

This industry is all about serving people’s health care needs. Companies that remember that and provide the systems, integrations, and ease of use to make it as easy as shopping on Amazon will be winners in the space.

Pete CaporalePete Caporale • VP, Operations, ConnectYourCare

Pete also expects health savings accounts (HSAs) to continue to grow in popularity and importance as a way of preparing for long-term health care costs — a major pain point for employees that HR teams are trying to help address.

The Health and Wealth spectrum are converging as we see more and more people educated on the growing cost of health care now, but also in retirement. HSAs have become important investment vehicles to ensure adequate savings are put aside to cover the costs of health care both now and in the future.

Pete CaporalePete Caporale • VP, Operations, ConnectYourCare

These views are the reason Pete says he chose to bring his expertise to ConnectYourCare in 2016 as the Vice President of Operations when looking for a new opportunity.

ConnectYourCare had the foundation in place and was ready to make that leap to become a much larger organization in the space, offering innovative products and creating the teams and processes to deliver in the market.

CYC’s organizational purpose is ‘Making it easy for people to manage their care, so they can enjoy life.’ In the end, this is what this business is truly all about.

Pete CaporalePete Caporale • VP, Operations, ConnectYourCare
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