Staffmark Group Testimonial

Staffmark Group Testimonial

Staffmark Group, headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, is one of the largest human resources companies in the world with hundreds of locations across the United States. When Staffmark merged under one name with its sister company, Advantage Resourcing, they were looking for a partner that could consolidate their benefits as well. That’s when ConnectYourCare stepped in.

Staffmark has been with ConnectYourCare since January 1, 2019, and uses several ConnectYourCare solutions, including health savings accounts, flexible spending accounts, health reimbursement arrangements, commuter benefits, and COBRA administration. Benefits Manager Kristyn Lewis loves that ConnectYourCare has created a cohesive benefits experience for her employees and her team.

We visited Staffmark’s Cincinnati office to talk with Kristyn and learn more about her experience working with ConnectYourCare.

Staffmark Group Testimonial Video Transcript

My name’s Kristyn Lewis, I’m the benefits manager here at the Staffmark Group. I handle the day-to-day operations of the benefits department. Staffmark is a member of the Recruit Holdings family of companies. We handle job opportunities and payroll for 42,000 weekly talent employees. We have over 450 branches and on-site locations across the United States. We’ve been using ConnectYourCare since January 1, 2019. We had two separate companies—one for Staffmark, and one for Advantage, and it was very time-consuming and hard to manage. ConnectYourCare was able to help us bring all of our benefits between Staffmark and Advantage under one umbrella—one place for our flexible spending account, one place for our health reimbursement account, one place for our health savings account. Even our COBRA, we didn’t have to have multiple vendors.

ConnectYourCare has made things a lot easier for me as a benefits manager. I don’t have to spend time going to multiple websites or talk to multiple people. I’ve got a very responsive account manager. She’s able to get me an answer quickly so I’m able to get back to the employee in a timely manner.

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