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Sana Benefits is a growing health care benefits company and brokerage headquartered in Austin, Texas. Not your average benefits company, Sana Benefits is looking to shake up the industry and provide modern benefits packages that put the employee experience first. When Sana Benefits needed a Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) partner, they were looking for an organization that shared similar values, could be flexible enough to meet the needs of theiexpanding business, and had the human element they were looking for. That’s when ConnectYourCare stepped in.  

Sana Benefits Testimonial Video Transcript

My name is Grant Reeves, and I’m the director of professional services here at Sana Benefits. We have our own health plans that we offer to clients who are self-funded in their health insurance. We are also a broker, we have our own in-house underwriting teams. And we also have a technology platform for employers to offer their benefits to their employees in one seamless benefit enrollment workflow.  

Sana Benefits started working with ConnectYourCare in early 2019. We needed a COBRA partner to couple with our health plans as we were offering our product to our clients. So, we vetted several different partners that we were looking at for our COBRA administration services for our clients, and ultimately landed on ConnectYourCare.  

We felt like ConnectYourCare was a great fit for Sana. It’s been a great experience so far, really great fit with our culture and our values. A lot of the administrative burden of getting set up with COBRA, administering COBRA, sending COBRA packets out to employees, has fallen on myself. ConnectYourCare has taken a lot of that administrative burden off of my plate so I can really focus on making sure that clients can get onboarded with Sana, and use their insurance as soon as they switch over to us.  

Working with ConnectYourCare…you guys share a lot of the same values as we share. Serving our clients, being quick, being able to act quick, be nimble, and really create a really great experience for our end users, our mutual clients has just really been great and has far exceeded our expectations.  

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