Introducing the Latest Version of BROKERcommand for a Better Benefits Experience

ConnectYourCare is excited to announce the launch of the latest version of BROKERcommand®—our online client and proposal management tool built with brokers in mind. Read on to learn more about the new features, enhanced capabilities, and advantages for brokers who use the tool.

What is BROKERcommand?

BROKERcommand is an easy-to-navigate online platform for benefits brokers who set clients up with ConnectYourCare products and services—including health savings accounts (HSAs), flexible spending accounts (FSAs), health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs), and commuter benefits.

Traditionally, cumbersome paper processes slow down client onboarding, implementation, and enrollment for broker clients. And with a full book, it can be tough for brokers to keep track of where every client or prospect is in the onboarding or renewal process.

BROKERcommand offers benefits brokers a means to manage their business with speed and efficiency, which can result in increased opportunities, client satisfaction, and commission earnings.

BROKERcommand Features

The latest version of BROKERcommand is equipped with enhanced capabilities to help brokers bypass cumbersome administrative processes, manual paperwork, and hours of data entry.

These features include:

  • Automated proposal builder: Click through to create a customized proposal for each client in minutes

  • Dynamic client onboarding: Add new business into the platform in just minutes with our workflow-driving process

  • Actionable dashboard: See open proposals, incomplete setups, pending client actions, and where clients are in the renewal process, at-a-glance

  • Real-time reporting: Capture data and analytics 24/7 for client insights

Looking to streamline your client management?

Request a demo of BROKERcommand’s updated features here.


“BROKERcommand has transformed the way benefits brokers and advisors are running their businesses,” said Steve Grieco, ConnectYourCare’s Chief Executive Officer. “ConnectYourCare was founded on unique innovation and continues to push the market forward with progressive technology that maps to today’s needs. Our latest developments bring dynamic workflows and outcomes to the forefront, further helping our broker partners accelerate business opportunities and deliver value back to their clients.”

Additional Resources

Along with the above enhanced features, BROKERcommand hosts a full library of interactive resources—including ConnectYourCare’s award-winning “Academy” series—that brokers can leverage to support their clients’ communication needs and help overcome compliance challenges.

“Brokers are looking to get clients up and running without hitting any roadblocks in the process. That means they need tools that are easy to use with quick results,” notes ConnectYourCare Chief Executive Officer, Steve Grieco. “BROKERcommand accounts for this and more, backed by gold-standard service that users can expect from ConnectYourCare, as well as proven communication and compliance guidance that returns value in the form of client expansion and retention.”

ConnectYourCare CEO Steve Grieco

“BROKERcommand has transformed the way benefits brokers and advisors are running their business.”

–Steve Grieco, CEO of ConnectYourCare

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