Partner Testimonial: Sana Benefits

Sana Benefits is a fast-growing health care benefits company and brokerage headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company has made it their mission to put the human touch back into health care by providing accessible and affordable coverage that employees can understand. Sana is also a technology-forward company with their own app and platform, so their employer clients can offer benefits to their employees in one seamless workflow.

As Sana was looking to expand their benefits menu by offering COBRA administration services (aka the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985), they vetted a few options. They knew they needed a partner that could be nimble enough to keep up with their client base—which was quickly expanding—but would also offer a personalized approach for their clients’ employees when they needed it.

Sana chose ConnectYourCare because they believed our organization aligned closely with their mission and offered the employee focus they were looking for. When they saw the opportunity to integrate tightly with our technology, that sealed the deal.

Sana has been with ConnectYourCare as a COBRA partner since the beginning of 2019. And more recently, they started offering a health care flexible spending account (FSA), as well as a dependent care FSA.

We sat down with Grant Reeves, Director of Professional Services, to hear more about how partnering with ConnectYourCare has helped Sana move their business forward (and reduce some administrative headaches for him in the process!)

“Health insurance and COBRA administration—it’s a complicated world that we work in. And working with ConnectYourCare has really simplified this complex world […]

They’re a great partner for anyone who’s seeking someone that shares the same values as them, is focusing on the end user, and really innovating in the industry. I could not recommend them any higher.”

–Grant Reeves, Director of Professional Services at Sana Benefits

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