Commuter Academy: Learn the Rules of the Road with Commuter Benefits

Do you have employees who use public transportation or rideshares to commute to work? What about employees who pay to park onsite at their work location? If you answered ”yes” to either of those questions, you could help your employees potentially save more than $1,300 per year with a commuter benefits program.

Crash Course: What Are Commuter Benefits?

Also known as transportation fringe benefits, commuter and parking benefits allow employees to set aside money from their paycheck, before taxes, to pay for everyday transportation expenses to get to and from work. Adding this offering to your benefits package will not just help employees save money—it can also help you attract and retain talent, pull employees from a wider geographical area, and even help your company decrease its carbon footprint by encouraging public transportation. Employers who offer the benefit can also save 7.65% on their payroll taxes. So there are plenty of savings to go around.

Not sure where to start? Check out ConnectYourCare’s Commuter Academy!

If the thought of offering commuter benefits has you spinning your wheels, check out our Commuter Academy below, an extension of our award-winning academy series. Far from your ho-hum driver’s ed courses in high school, Commuter Academy is a bright, interactive tool to help you boost your knowledge of commuter and parking benefits.

Check out our academy to:

  • Get an overview of commuter benefits legislation (and see if your city/state is on the list!)
  • Calculate how much employees could save
  • See a list of eligible and ineligible expenses, as governed under the Section 132(f) of the federal tax code
  • Get the answers to some common commuter/parking benefit questions
  • And more!

We hope your wheels are turning around the possibly of offering commuter benefits! Get started by clicking the link below.

connectyourcare roadmap to commuter benefits infographic
Take Me to the Academy
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