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The County of Alameda is a 9,000-person employer headquartered in Oakland, California. As a government institution, the county’s human resources department was looking to introduce a new solution to their employees for flexible spending accounts (FSAs), dependent care FSAs, and adoption assistance programs.

Ava Lavender, Human Resources Division Manager of Benefits, and Christina Saunders, Benefits Analyst, had a few things in mind when they were looking to choose a new vendor. In the past, FSA claims were processed in house. So, Lavender and Saunders were looking for a more high-touch, technology-driven solution that offered fast claims processing for their participants and was easy for all employees to use. Additionally, the chosen solution had to be flexible and meet their needs in the implementation process.

Insert ConnectYourCare.

Alameda County has now been with ConnectYourCare since January 2019. With ConnectYourCare’s user-friendly mobile app, streamlined reimbursement process, and convenient payment card to use at the point of service, employee satisfaction has dramatically increased with their tax-advantaged accounts.

For Alameda, their dedicated ConnectYourCare implementation team ensured the onboarding process went off without a hitch, while ongoing client support reduced their administrative workload around tax-advantaged accounts.

We sat down with Ava Lavender and Christina Saunders to hear more about the overall experience with ConnectYourCare. They shared their story in this client testimonial.

“I would recommend ConnectYourCare for two reasons:

One, if I had my administrator hat on, in terms of implementing this program, you would be working with very knowledgeable personnel at ConnectYourCare. We felt supported the whole process…The timeline that was developed was one that was carried out to the end. We were able to deliver on time.

And then if I were to put my employee hat on, I would say that it’s an awesome solution. I would say that it’s definitely high-touch. It’s simplistic.

In a government employee environment, we have employees from all walks of life and from varying degrees of education…Someone who was very familiar and used technology a lot would just be elated to work with the product. And for the employee that doesn’t use technology, doesn’t use computers on a regular basis, still would find the solution very easy to use.”

-Ava Lavender, Human Resources Division Manager of Benefits

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