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Baptist Health Testimonial

FSA COBRA Administration Direct Billing

“Things have changed with ConnectYourCare mostly because I have access to information…Our accounting department is happy; the reconciliation is much easier for them. So all the way around, it’s just been a really good fit for us.”

Terri Morris

Benefits Manager, Baptist Health

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Sana Benefits Testimonial

COBRA Administration

“The one area that really stands out for me was…the onboarding process was almost seamless. And so, the [ConnectYourCare] staff that were assigned to our account were phenomenal. We have heard nothing but rave reviews from our employees.”

Grant Reeves

Director of Professional Services, Sana Benefits

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County of Alameda Testimonial

FSA Adoption Assistance Program

“Headquartered in Oakland, California, the County of Alameda is a 9,000-person employer that was looking for a new vendor to provide flexible spending accounts (FSAs), dependent care FSAs, and adoption...”

Ava Lavender

HR Division Manager of Benefits, County of Alameda

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Allina Health Testimonial


"We've partnered with ConnectYourCare's communications consultants to make sure that our employees are receiving important information about the advantages of tax savings and participating in their HSA and FSA accounts."

Pam Price

Director of Employee Benefits at Allina Health

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